Meet Me!


My name is Brooke Martin. I am 26 years old and live in Pennsylvania. I invite you to join me as I enter the world of substitute teaching in the 2014-2015 school year. I am looking forward to starting out in the world of education and learning more about what my future career will be.

Now we can fast forward to Fall 2015. I finished student teaching with a first grade class. I spent fifteen weeks teaching and working with them and was sad to go. But, we were able to help prepare the kids and an understanding that it was exciting because I would be graduating and getting my own job. I learned so much during this experience and had an amazing cooperating teacher and supervisor. My only hope is that when I do get a job I will have a team like the amazing one I worked with!

Prior to substituting I worked as a Therapeutic Staff Support (TSS) after receiving my BA in psychology from Millersville University. This was a very rewarding position from which I gained a lot of experience and  the chance to work with some great kids.

Blogging has become popular among education and I look forward to becoming familiar with it before I have my own classroom for which to blog. I am hoping it also will be a way to record what I learn and a tool so that I can look back on it later. Thank you for joining me!



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